Capoeira Cru

While in England, I don’t get to train as regularly as I like, so it was nice to have this send of before leaving LA over the summer.


Beach Slackline

While visiting home for a month over the summer, was able to distract myself with some slacklining at the beach

On the road to an IoT-based Audio Processor

Most of the year has been spent updating the IoT control system and testing audio streaming to ultimately merge the two into an IoT-based music application. By the end of the summer I was finally ready to work on the final application

(My Desk in the Office)

A couple useful tests were re-purposing the motorised potentiometers I had used early on to manipulate music. The first video was establishing a networked gain/volume controller for an audio source:


And the second was using the pot to crossfade two audio signals:


I finally settled on a reverb application that can use the natural acoustic properties of a physical space to create a reverb effect as opposed to digital algorithmic and convolution reverb plug ins. While there are benefits to all types of reverb, I thought using a physical space was a unique and creative way of making an “audio processor,” and the ability to access a space remotely could give greater value to a desired space. A preliminary test is below:

Which for the time being, consisted of a temporary set up in a file cabinet under my desk

This demo involves a round trip test of sending audio from a client computer to a host, from the host the audio is output into the room and then re-captured, and then that newly reverberant audio is delivered back to the client computer.